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Ukrainian Yacht “Odin-Platinum Bank” successfully debuted at the World Championship for Х-35 Yachts in Barcelona

The World Championship in Barcelona is the most important in the calendar of sailing regattas in the class of Х-35 cruising vessels, in which 22 teams from 10 countries participated in 2012. In the competition with the most experienced yachtsmen of the world, the crew of the Ukrainian yacht, for the first time participating in such high-rank event, obtained an honourable 18th place, having outrun the crews of Japan, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

The competition was held in the port of Badalona during 4 days. Each day crews had 1-2 starts, depending on the weather conditions, according to the results of which, the crews were awarded scoring points. Final ranking was established according to the race results of all four days. The yacht “Odin-Platinum Bank” in some races finished as high as 11-12 place, but it wasn’t easy for the newcomer to take on more experienced yachtsmen.

“If yachts are identical, which is the obligatory condition of this competition, the gaps between them are minimal – all yachts go practically next to each other, - says Gennadiy Ishchenko, the steersman of “Odin-Platinum Bank”, Master of Sports, Champion of the USSR. – Of the utmost importance becomes the skill of the crew, as it is enough for just one member of the crew to make a mistake and the yacht is momentarily moved 6-7 places back. The tightness of the race is evident from the fact that all of 22 yachts finished it within 4 minutes – and it’s a very short time”.

“I’m pleased to note, that the crew of Odin-Platinum Bank entered the world-level competition and plans to continue participating in international cruiser regattas, further gladdening Ukraine with excellent results. We are happy to have the opportunity to support and promote the development of sailing in Ukraine, as at the basis of it are mutual understanding and mutual assistance, as well as the principles of reliability and honesty, to which our bank strongly relates”, - mentioned Greg Krasnov, Chief Executive Officer with Platinum Bank.

International sailing championship in Barcelona was held exclusively for the yachts of the class Х-35. X-35 yachts are the yachts from the Danish shipyard «X-yachts». They are very popular amongst the yachtsmen of the world – only in the Central Mediterranean there are over 70 such yachts. The organizers of this competition thoroughly attend to all organizational matters. For example, the measuring of yachts is done for three days – many details must be taken into consideration: hull, sails, the weight of the yacht and even the weight of the crew. According to the rules, the weight of the crew must not exceed 640 kg, and the crew can consist of 5 to 9 members.




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